What Is An Automatic Bollard? Where Can I Buy Them?

Bollards are short posts embedded in sidewalks, parking lots, streets or other similar surfaces. The purpose of a bollard is to form a protective barrier that keeps cars where they need to be and protects pedestrians and businesses. If you are looking for the perfect way to protect your site from unauthorized vehicle access or to ensure that pedestrian areas are only used by pedestrians at certain times of the day, then automated bollards are a solution worth investigating further.

Practical and easy to manage, ZASP’s automatic bollards are designed to meet the technical and aesthetic criteria you need to provide the right level of security for your environment. Their robust construction and reliable operation make our automatic bollards the most effective way to provide access control and allow pedestrian entry.




Automatic bollards can be made of mild steel or powder coated and painted in any color or stainless steel finish, these are customized according to your needs. Our equipment exported to Europe is equipped with a heating system to prevent the hydraulic oil from freezing and not working in cold weather conditions; our equipment in Southeast Asia is hot-dip galvanized to resist corrosion and saline use. We can interface the bollards with any existing access control, or provide a new system for your use.

Automatic bollards are useful for:
To protect the roll-up or loading area from impact attacks
To prevent public access to restricted areas
To ensure drivers pay for parking in private parking lots
To prevent vehicles from trespassing into pedestrian-only areas
To allow only authorized types of vehicles to enter specific sites


Level of Protection

Since bollards are designed to save lives, they need to be properly tested to ensure they meet the required safety standards. Hydraulic Automatic Bollard HA102-600 Passes GA/T1343 standard crash test, crash rating: 1500KG cart at 100km/h, intrusion distance 0.87m, P1 (highest rating, complete interception)
Hydraulic Barricade Machine Suprema RB-SM501 passed PAS 68 and IWA 14-1 International Crash Test, Crash Rating: 7500KG medium truck at 80km/h, intrusion distance 0m, P1.
You can check our certificate and be assured of trust in the crash rating we provide.



Choose ZASP

ZASP can provide you with a strong, impact resistant automatic bollard that will not fail to perform in either the retracted or extended position. We offer rising bollards that can be easily and quickly controlled to accommodate high security conditions. Automatic bollards can also be equipped with built-in lights to enhance visibility and indicate their presence at night. They can be designed in different colors and sizes to match the surroundings, and can also vary in diameter and rise height depending on your safety needs.

We can provide

Supply of a fully operational automatic bollard system.
A full warranty on all installations.
Various levels of maintenance contracts to suit your requirements.
Design solutions for your specific site.
Diagrams and technical information on the cable installation of our products.

If you are interested in discussing your specific requirements further, please feel free to contact us for an individual quote on how to secure your property with minimal effort.